Italian leather handbags

// Biennale Collection

As Symbol of innovation and culture it is embodiment of Calicanto's Venice: modern, cosmopolitan and open. In its geometrical form the avant-garde spirit of contemporary art meets the slow beauty of prestigious manufacturing arts.

// Tondo Collection

An essential structure and contrasting hues to pay homage to the classic colour palette of Venice's gondolas. Geometric design and pure beauty: a Calicanto made to withstand the tests of time, like all the best masterpieces.

// Serliana Collection

A unique allure, gentle nuances and the recall to an architectural detail typical of Venetian ancient buildings. A pure and eternal design: as entering inside an ancient palace with a fast and light step, just as modern women nowadays.

// Lido Collection

A sophisticated colour palette and the lure of the irresistible Venetian seaside in the memories of a stunning beach of yesteryear. Right there where female film legends once played in the sun as paparazzi's snapped.